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'Fall Forward'

Denzel Washington famously said if you're going to fall then 'Fall forward'. It would be a super power if I was able to climb into Denzel's head and see first hand his experiences that lead him to saying this statement, unfortunately a super power I don't have; wouldn't it be incredible if we could explore anther persons memory how much more empathetic would the world be? Sorry to digress back to the topic- instantly when I saw the title of the video I instantly thought ' I Can Relate'. When I continued on to listen to his speech it was as though Denzel was talking to my soul. He discussed his many failures in his career and spoke briefly about his lowest point. But he went on to speak about how he fell 'forward'. I can relate because I have felt like I have failed many times with my mental health experiencing lows which engulfed me. I can admit in the past I have hit rock bottom, I know many people can relate to this. Feeling trapped as if there is no way out. But do you know what I learnt from hitting rock bottom? I learnt to fall forwards :) With a countless number of lessons under my belt. I learnt how to survive. I learnt how to manoeuvre when life gets tough, I am blessed with knowledge and understanding. And if you can relate to this take a minute just to acknowledge your path, your lessons your blessings, no messing :) You've fallen forwards and its likely you'll take a risk and fall forwards again in the future, what ever happens keep it forwards, you've got this


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