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About Us

 Knowing  that you are not alone 

Mental health can be daunting and we often feel as though we are on our own on our individual journeys. We at 'I Can Relate' have built a platform designed to encourage individuals to share their knowledge and experiences about mental health in the aim that people experiencing similar can possibly relate thus not feeling as though they are alone. We also hope that through the use of the Podcasts, Forum and Blog individuals will be able to possibly pick up certain tools and coping strategies which could potentially help aid those on their journey with mental health.

Meet The Founder

About Me.

In 2017 I experienced a first episode of pyschosis. I believe it was triggered by the passing of my Grandma. I began to have hallucinations and to hear voices. I believed I was a revolutionist and was surrounded by aliens. As a result of my pyschosis I began to mistrust my family and friends and became homeless. I was living on the streets for approximately 9 months until I was one day picked up by the police and sectioned. I was admitted to a Psychiatric unit where I spent 7 months and then made a full recovery in a rehabilitation unit. During my journey to recovery I met many people who were going through something similar to what I was experiencing and we would discuss methods which could possibly help, I found that speaking up about what I was going through and listening to others really helped and so from this stemmed the idea of 'I Can Relate' an online platform aimed at helping those who are going through their own mental health battles.

My vision for 'I Can Relate' is for it to be a safe place which is inclusive and where individuals feel as though they can share their thoughts and feelings in a community which supports them.

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