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Dopamine dressing…Yes it’s a thing!

´Dopamine is the feel good neurotransmitter that helps us feel pleasure as part of the brains reward system'

I recently attended Notting Hill Carnival and experienced an array of colours, textures and patterns. Outfits which were effervescent and clearly loved by the wearers. Photographers were out in their numbers taking photos excitedly, and passers by were in awe (Also taking photos). The happiness and the confidence exuding from the spectators was incredible and made me and others feel great. And was brilliant for my mental health. Although there is not a scientific study on Dopamine dressing it is trending on sites such as Shein. And it is believed that dressing the way you want, sometimes with bright colours and patterns increases your dopamine. So keep that in mind next you decide whether to go for the black shirt or the bright blue, ask yourself 'does this make me feel good?' ´Does this make me happy?' ´Is this benefitting my mental health?' Especially as Winter is approaching. Feel great, exude happiness, live life, enjoy the dopamine 💫 😁


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