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Sid Meier S Civilization VI: Digital Deluxe [ DLC S] RePack [Full]




Planner. Clocks. Short: 10 items per day, 30 day stats. However, as a free bonus, you will get a second time to get one more day per day. The Xbox version is missing the two extra days, but it does include the expansion pack, "Free to Play". Not sure if it's the DOS disk version, but SID-Meier-S1-DOS-English-UI. About the digital download versions: the english version came in various formats: CD-ROM for a specific serial number, without any digital download; CD-ROM containing extra data with digital download; CD-ROM containing an extra (BETTER) copy with digital download; CD-ROM containing an extra (BETTER) copy and the expansion pack, "FREE TO PLAY" with digital download; the CD-ROM was actually the Deluxe version; all the above were simply upgrades to the normal version. After installing, I got two days in my inbox. I guess the CD version had the two extra days added. Finally, as expected, my account was also flagged for two weeks. Sid Meier's Civilization VI - PC Version [] [Intro] Wow, this is really a nice new version! - The complete edition CD-ROM box now contains just a single disk (vs. the normal edition which contains 2 disks, and has all the installer/updater code in the CD-ROM and on disk 2), so that disk is now (and for the first time) complete in its own right. There is also no longer a disk 2 which would contain the installer and updater code. It's always been a single disk of gameplay with an install CD which is always a 1:1 replica on disk 2. A couple of the new, online features are now tied to the install CD, so there is no longer the need for a disk 2. It's still a bit of a "hit and miss" if you play the game without the CD, but I recommend that you have the CD in the drive. - More features have been added in this version than in the previous - Technology tree, there are a couple more technology trees in the game, this means that you are now free to place all those technology buildings anywhere within their range (there are very few areas



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Sid Meier S Civilization VI: Digital Deluxe [ DLC S] RePack [Full]
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