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You've got mail- A Poem from a Penfriend-'Thinking out loud'

Thinking out Loud...

Let me just get something off my chest  Talk about the demons that I never laid to rest I feel my humanity getting less Tallying up the stress Head is such a mess So I'm running through the check list Days and nights moving reckless  Highlights and the guest list Drink and smoke until I'm senseless  heighten my senses Preference of pre tenses Pensive Something that they say I always am Defensive Survival was the only plan Every day understanding who I am Understand my position  Coz A man is just a man If you take the time to listen In this land of the living Moving without direction Answers before the questions which way should I choose Disregarding my wins coz the focus is not to lose Wading through the water Riding waves without paddles  Battling for the balance Look Who is that in the mirror  Family man or gyalist  Progression versus habits Hardwork versus talent So I'm living the dream without precautions  Follow my instincts to guide through  distortion  Surrounded by darkness My target the dim light For instance  Resistance skin tight like insight  Look Inside Nothing but Emotional violence  Smiles hollow and lifeless Being labelled a tyrant Guilty

Why do I attack myself Would never back myself So I detach myself

Numb to the support Compliments I Ignore Blue prints a nuisance  it's never who clear who wins If you want me to compare it's like getting a new trim For some it's only 1 level all over And others want  2 for distinction You could say it's my loss not respecting high tops in the end you shape up or fade 

That's why everyday I just pray  Reflecting on foundations  I just laid The game is the game My name is my name Load up a track ... press play Thinking out loud.... J.C

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1 Comment

Oct 28, 2020

This is incredible , just wow !!!!! x.

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