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'I want to achieve goals, my focus is goals'

Rebz: What motivates me is achievements

interviewer: Delving into the mental health side of things- is it tough to stay motivated in this Industry?

Rebz:Yes it can be for many different reasons first off setbacks for example I could make a song I could make which Is absolutely banging and it gets absolutely nothing. That could set somebody back.

Online haters, which could affect someone’s mindset and self esteem. In a general sense it could affect someone’s thought process and confidence.

interviewer: What I rate about you is you stay authentic.

Rebz: Not in a bad way but I will be honest. If someone came up to me and said you are absolutely dreadful I would genuinely not feel nothing inside. If someone also came up to me and said you’re amazing you’re the best artist I’ve listened to I probably still wouldn’t feel anything inside.

interviewer: Why?

Rebz: It hasn’t always been like that I think now because I’m so goal orientated instead I want to achieve goals my focus is goals. It’s not admiration or other people’s defiance to what I do. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad people enjoy my music.

interviewer: That’s like a coping strategy

Rebz: Yes I think it is now

interviewer: A new survey concluded that 73% of musicians struggle with mental illness why do you think this is?

Rebz: Because of pressure. Also the worlds evolved. You used to be able to come home and shut yourself off from the world. You don’t get downtime anymore. Everything is so accessible. Trolls. People that like to put people down.

Interviewer: Do you get anxiety?

Rebz: I’ve trained myself I don’t really get scared of much. I used to be so scared of performances. As times gone on I don’t get scared and I don’t get excited. I honestly feel me feeling nothing has helped me.

Interviewer: What are your goals?

Rebz: To continue growing, work with big artists.

I think being yourself changes naturally you evolve as a person a human being. Someone’s thought process won’t change what I do musically. One of my mates would be like 'bro you should do this, nothing will sway what I do.'

Interviewer: But then that helps your mental health because you’re staying authentic to you

How do you deal with lows?

Rebz: To deal with lows I just remain consistent all it takes for an artist is for one song to be listened by the right ears.

Interviewer: How will you manage your mental health in 2023?

Rebz: Because I’m so shut out from opinions no one will get in my brain

Interviewer: What your saying is that keeping consistent and focusing on your goals will help you with your mental health?

Rebz: Yes

Listen to the full conversation:


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