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1 in 4 people….

I am totally overwhelmed by the number of people I encounter daily who are oblivious to the complexities of mental health. But to be honest I cannot be surprised because I was one of them. It isn’t that they are a horrible person because they don’t understand it, it’s simply just that- they don’t understand it. It’s worlds away from the reality they are in. I remember I used to write a blog about being positive and that there was no excuse not to live a positive life, not knowing at the time that years later I would be struck down by what felt like lightning, decapitating me. Immobilising me.

Words can’t describe the tumultuous journey I had to endure to find my way out of the dark waters. It is far from pleasant. I used to work 9-5’s effortlessly but then I found myself looking at other people going to work and wishing I could be like them, be normal. Be strong. And what made it harder is people not understanding me. They say that ignorance is bliss. I don’t think it is in the instance I feel that people should really garner an understanding of mental health, have empathy for those who are truly struggling.

There is no denying that mental health has come a long way, years ago if a person showed signs of mental deterioration they would be locked in an asylum and be forgotten about. And medication for mental disorders has only advanced within the last 60 years. So attitudes are changing however there is still a stigma surrounding those with mental health disorders and this is what platforms like ‘I Can Relate’ are here for. To help break them down.


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